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Excavator counterweight

Excavator counterweights are divided into three categories

Customized counterweight iron used to increase weight and maintain balance. It is used in many fields. Regardless of large lifting equipment, you can choose products of different specifications and models according to your needs.

Excavator counterweights are divided into three categories:
1. Standard counterweight. Refers to a counterweight used as a measurement or verification standard. Such as gauge block, polyhedral prism, surface roughness comparison sample block, etc.
2. General counterweight. Generally refers to the universal counterweight uniformly manufactured by the counterweight factory. Such as rulers, flat plates, angle blocks, calipers, etc.
3. Customized weights (or non-standard weights). Refers to the counterweight designed and manufactured to detect a certain parameter of the workpiece. Such as internal and external groove calipers, wire rope calipers, step gauges, etc. 602589453