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Counterweight Iron

Counterweight iron is a relatively economical blank forming method

Product Description

Counterweight iron is a relatively economical blank forming method, and it can show its economic efficiency from parts with complex shapes, such as the cylinder block and head of automobile engine, ship propeller and exquisite artwork. Some difficult-to-cut parts, such as nickel-based alloy parts for gas turbines, cannot be formed without counterweight iron. The range of counterweight irons’ weight and size is wide, and the types of metals are almost unlimited. While the counterweight iron has general mechanical properties, it also has comprehensive performances such as wear resistance, corrosion resistance, shock absorption, etc., which are not achievable by other metal forming methods such as forging, rolling, welding, punching.

The V method casting process is adopted. The castings produced by the V method casting process have good quality, smooth surface, clear outline, accurate size and uniform hardness, which effectively prolongs the service life of the castings.

Counterweight part number 8111178 weight 4.1 tons C60 8.0T series Applicable models: 8 tons forklift 602589453