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What Is The Role Of Excavator Counterweight

Jan. 25, 2021

What Is The Role Of Excavator Counterweight

When you look at the sexy ass of an excavator, do you wonder why you should carry iron? Why add to the burden of an already bulky excavator? Doesn't it cost gas?

First of all, the piece of iron on the bottom of the excavator is called the counterweight. Of course, some of it is concrete, some of it is iron sand or something. Different brands may use different approaches, but the facts are the same. So, what is it used for?

The weight of the excavator walking chassis is basically fixed, and the center of gravity is low. However, due to the operation of the excavator, the position of the operation device often changes under the action of the full or empty bucket and the counterforce of the bucket, so the position of the center of gravity of the upper part of the excavator changes greatly. Soil will cause excavation during excavation. The position of the center of gravity above the rotary platform of the machine is constantly changing.

The counterweight is used to balance these torques so that the center of gravity of the excavator is always maintained near the center of rotation and overall balance is maintained.

In recent years, many excavators have been modified with extended arms to meet the engineering needs. Due to the lengthening of the large arm and the small arm, the deviation of the whole center of gravity and the excavator is too large, and the weight of the excavator itself is not enough to make the excavator work safely. Therefore, it is necessary to add a certain amount of counterweight. Of course, the increase in counterweight depends on tonnage and the improved extension arm. The 30-ton 18-meter model does not require additional counterweights. According to this standard, you can appropriately reduce the tonnage or extend the arm. If the point is longer, add 1-2 tons counterweight. It is still necessary to communicate with the designer the proportion of the counterweight that needs to be added, so as to avoid the work danger that the balance of the excavator is affected by the insufficient counterweight, and to avoid excessive increase of the counterweight to increase the flexibility of the excavator and reduce the use of the excavator life.

Custom counterweight iron is used for weight and balance. It is used in many fields. No matter large lifting equipment, you can choose different specifications and models of products according to your needs.

Excavator Counterweight

The excavator counterweight is divided into three categories:

1. Standard counterweight. A counterweight used as a measurement or verification standard. Such as gauge blocks, polyhedral prism, surface roughness comparison sample blocks, etc.

2. General counterweight. It generally refers to the universal counterweight manufactured uniformly by the counterweight factory. Such as ruler, flat, corner block, calipers and so on.

3. Custom weights (or non-standard weights). Refers to a counterweight designed and manufactured to test a parameter of a workpiece. Examples include internal and external groove calipers, wire rope calipers, step gauges, etc. 602589453