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What Is Excavator Counterweight?

Dec. 11, 2020

What Is Excavator Counterweight?

Excavators are large off-road machinery used mainly for digging ditches, holes and foundations. They are heavy construction equipment and should be handled with care. The heavy design of the excavator requires a heavy counterweight to balance the weight of the excavated earth. In the design stage of excavator's counterweight, the possible danger should be foreseen to ensure the safety performance of the whole machine.

Most of the accidents related to counterweights occurred while operating or unloading the counterweights from the excavators.

The backside weight of the excavator may swing when the excavated earth is transported and the bucket arm is rotated to the right or left, or at the same time the load is reduced. This wagging effect can cause some dramatic accidents in which bystanders are crushed between the counterweight of the wagging and a nearby wall or column.

The counterweight was removed from the excavator to facilitate transportation. Since the counterweight is connected to the excavator in a vertical position, there is always a risk that the worker will be weighed down during this process.

Excavator Counterweight

The improvement of excavator's counterweight should be better implemented in the design process in order to reduce the potential safety hazard to the greatest extent.

Excavator counterweight: Safety precautions

What are the main functions of the excavator counterweight? The heavy design of excavators requires counterweights to balance the excavated earth. Without the counterweight, the car might tip over.

Possible counterweight related accidents: When operating the excavator: tail swing effect. When the excavated earth is transported with the bucket moving arm, the counterweight may sway and cause an accident. When unloading the counterweight, in order to facilitate transportation, the counterweight is removed from the vehicle. This is a critical step and strict precautions should be taken.

Improvements for a excavator counterweight: Zero tail-swing design cast iron counterweights are the best choice for this design because due to their size they can be kept within the width of the track while swinging. Rear-view Camera Integrated rear-view camera ensures that the operator is not exposed to onlookers at risk, thus making the operator's actions easier. The integrated hydraulic counterweight disassembly system saves time and facilitates easy and safe removal of counterweights from the excavator.

Other safety and risk reduction guidelines: Conduct regular quality checks on the installation and removal system of the excavator. Indicate the control function of the counterweight cleaning system. Follow the manufacturer's exact instructions.

To minimize possible risks, the following safety and risk reduction guidelines should be followed on a regular basis.

Check the installation and disassembly system of excavator regularly.

The entire disassembly hydraulic system and lifting chain shall be controlled periodically to avoid any structural damage (including bending of the excavator frame or lifting mechanism; Paint cracking on joints and Spaces) between counterweight lifting mechanism mounting bracket and excavator frame).

Counterweight disassembly system control function label.

The entire system used to disassemble and attach the counterweight is fitted with a controller in the side compartment of the excavator. All these special valves and switches shall be labeled to relieve personnel of their workload, operate accessories and disassemble the system and avoid any erroneous action.

Follow the manufacturer's exact instructions.

All workers involved, whether they are excavator operators or onlookers at risk, should receive regular training on tasks relating to procedures to be followed in the safety of installing and removing counterweights. In addition, all manufacturer's instructions should be strictly followed.

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