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The system is ruthless, the management is relentless, and the execution is sensible!

May. 25, 2020

If you really love your partner, assess him, ask him, and push him to grow. If you are hampered by love, set low targets, low requirements, and then raise a group of sheep, which is the biggest harm to your partner's future!

Because low targets and low requirements only encourage employees' greed, ignorance and laziness. Let the subordinates grow up because of you. Let them have the correct outlook on life, values, and perform well. Continuous growth is the greatest love for the partners!

To lead the team, you must keep these in mind:

1. Management needs stare, skills need practice, the method is to come up with, the potential is stimulated. The employees are mediocre without encouragement!

2. Don't make any excuses for what you have done. There is no entry for success if you make excuses at will.

3. No Thinking with heart, no way is to be come up with. If you think about it, there must be a way, sooner or later.

4. it is not good with poor results. It only focus on the results in terms of execution.

5. Without execution, there is no competitiveness.

6. Choice is more important than effort. Success lies in choice. Past choices determine today's life, and today's choices determine the future ones.

7. Execution is not about 'if', only about 'results'.

8. The height of thought determines the height of actions, and the height of culture determines the height of enterprises.

9. Don't expect to get help, but expect to be needed.

10. Ask questions with solutions. Don't bring questions. Don't Report  critically, but in a declarative way.

11. Dare to be responsible and shoulder the heavy responsibility. The simple is effective.

12. A success often changes the method instead of changing the goal, and the loser often changes the goal instead of changing the method.

13. Be a cadre like a boss, demand yourself with the boss's standards, and run your own job like a business. Affection is hypocritical, and serious love is great love! Management must be strict with words!

1. Negative energy, please get out of the team!

In the team, there was a pool of still water on the surface, but there was an undercurrent in the dark. Among them, the fastest "infection" is not those inspiring and positive information and energy, but those people and things that make people negative, tired and unhappy. If you are not careful, you may also be involved in the vortex of negative energy, which not only affects normal work, hurts interpersonal relationships, but also may seriously lose your job. Remember to stay away from "negative energy" to get positive energy and be positive!

1. The most lethal thing and the widest radiant thing — complain

The "Xianglin Sister" in the team can be both male and female. They always relieve all kinds of dissatisfaction in work and life, and pity themselves. Anyone could have pressure at work. If you complain of cursing all day long, so that others who work at ease are also easily troubled by negative emotions. Complaints are the most susceptible "negative energy" in the team, the fastest, the most widespread and the most lethal. Complaining about letting yourself and others fall into negative emotions. Passive downtime will be from one person to one department, and one department to the entire company. Sometimes, in order to "maintain stability," companies have to "harmony" such people.

2. The most easily shaken "military heart"-negative

"The company probably has no future!" "I'm afraid that the wages will not be paid out!" There are always employees in the office who are passively lazy and lack confidence in the development of the enterprise. Such employees tend to have weaker inner energy and low mobility, and they are always squandering time and opportunities while looking ahead. The negative mental state of employees is very detrimental to the team atmosphere. When everyone is struggling for their goals, these people will spread all kinds of uneasiness and disturb the "military heart". For teams with tough tasks, this kind of people is extremely a big threat.

3. The most unbearable loneliness-impetuous

A company is afraid of the employees those who swing from side to side and those who are eager to succeed. The society is impetuous enough, and everyone is eager to get a "success", getting rich overnight. In the office, people who are eager to ask for help and do not work hard are easy to destroy the team's cooperation and balance, and it is also easy to drive others to "rush on the march" like him without the accumulation of down-to-earth. No matter which stage of development the company is in, such people will certainly not be favored.

4. Thing is most easily evolved into cold office violence-cold

The coldness of team relationships has a great negative impact on team building. It is manifested as intentional disagreement in work collaboration, alienating colleagues, and even intentionally setting obstacles for colleagues. If the cold issues are not dealt with in a timely manner, they will evolve into "cold violence" of the team, resulting in the deterioration of the interpersonal relationship of the entire team, the divergence of the hearts of the people, the lack of combat effectiveness, and the great impact on team performance. Many people are under pressure from the "cold violence" in the office, and will choose to resign and leave when it is difficult to load. For the company, it is obviously another important reason for the brain drain.

5. The most powerless and incompetent performance-inferiority complex

Because of worrying about offending people in the team and worrying about being wronged by my superiors, employees are always afraid of shrinking when I was doing things, and dared not take on any important tasks. In fact, such people will not be popular. In teamwork, everyone prefers to work with confident and responsible people. For the boss, your inferiority may be inadequate in his opinion, and it will definitely be difficult to reuse in the future.

6. The most imprisoned self development-jealousy

Why did this opportunity be given to him again? In this society where success is the only standard to assess a person, competition at work often becomes jealous. The progress and advantages of others make his face dull, and he immediately feels hatred. There must be strengths and weaknesses in the competition. But if you want your comprehensive competitiveness to become stronger, you must start from your own cultivation. Blindly hostile to the progress and advantages of others will let yourself fall into negative emotions, which is not conducive to your own development.

7. Blind pursuit of face-comparison

A fake Hermes bag may also cause an open fight in the team. Women in the office compare bags, brands with others, while men compare cars, watches, and even the inamorata. If it is a comparison on work, there is a bit of a positive sense of competition. It is meaningless to just compare some physical things. In fact, from the perspective of career development, these material things belong to the category of external careers. Blind comparisons will only make people forget to pay attention to the improvement and cultivation of internal careers, which easily breed impetuous emotions.

8. The most easily affected team interpersonal harmony-suspicious

"Recently, the boss didn't order me any tasks, did I do something wrong?", "Today Xiao Li made a joke about me. Didn't I cooperate with the work last time, so I deliberately was teased?" There is a lack of trust between subordinates and subordinates, and there could be suspects that whether others’ behavior have other purposes. Women in the workplace are more susceptible to "suspicion" because of their delicate minds and sensitivity to feelings and interpersonal changes. In fact, the root cause of "suspicion" is work pressure. Individuals pay attention to adjusting the work rhythm, so that they can relax and avoid suspicions into paranoia and affect the harmony and cooperation of the team.

Faced with high-pressure work, mountainous affairs, intricate interpersonal relationships, and highly competitive business competitions, people in the workplace are fighting every minute of their work. If you find yourself stuck in "negative energy" for a long time, it is necessary to re-examine your career positioning, analyze the gains and losses, the pros and cons, fine-tune your personal career planning. Keep the plan up to date to make yourself comfortable! If you find that you do not like this job at all, then it is necessary to re-locate your career, reorganize your core competitiveness, and find a new direction before moving on. 602589453