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How to Install the Forklift Counterweight?

Nov. 19, 2020

A forklift is a special type of equipment designed to lift, lower and transport heavy loads in material handling. They need to balance the weight to prevent the machine from tipping over and ensure the safety of the forklift. Forklift Counterweight needs to be installed with extra care to ensure that all risks are exposed to workers and bystanders, who have performed the operation safely.

Before starting to install the counterweight of the forklift, the operator should ensure that the weight has been correctly calculated relative to the maximum load capacity of the forklift.

Once the correct weight of the forklift is selected, the weight can be installed. The counterweight is connected vertically to the forklift frame. Therefore, connecting and adjusting the counterweight is laborious and time-consuming. Therefore, until then, some safety precautions should be taken:

The rated capacity of the forklift must be posted on its body and the operator should be clearly visible.

If additional removable counterweights are available, the corresponding spare capacity must also be clearly posted and must not be exceeded.

Extra care must be taken when using another forklift to lift the counterweight.

Do not let the lifting forklift turn over.

The top mounting pin holes of the counterweight should always be attached to the forklift.

When placing forks in the counterweight, the forks' tips should not protrude from the front of the counterweight, as they may damage the engine.

The capacity of the lifting device should be at least 20% higher than the weight.

After completing the safety precautions, the installation can begin. Lifting equipment with sufficient lifting capacity to handle the weight can be used to complete the installation process.

Standard Forklift Counterweight Iron installation usually follows the following steps

Be sure to place the lift truck in the right weight pocket.

Counterweight Iron

Fix the top mounting pin hole of the counterweight to the forklift with a chain or cable.

Check that the bottom mounting bag of the counterweight is completely stuck around the frame mounting pin at the back of the target forklift.

Carefully lift the counterweight and move it behind the target forklift.

Align the counterweight with the frame of the target forklift.

Lift the counterweight until the pin hole in the top counterweight mounting seat is about 3 inches (7.6 cm) higher than the pin hole in the top mounting piece of the frame.

Carefully move the counterweight toward the target forklift until the counterweight bag is directly on the frame mounting pin of the target forklift.

Carefully lower the counterweight until the pocket engages with the frame mounting pin of the target forklift.

Remove the chain or cable that holds the top mounting pin hole of the counterweight to the forklift.

Install direct and lock it to fix the counterweight to the target forklift.

Carefully lower and remove the fork of the lifting forklift from the counterweight.

Different lifting devices may use different steps, but the overall sequence will be the same.

Forklift Counterweight Supplier recommended that the weight of the forklift be calculated accurately and that safety precautions be checked beforehand. Great care should be taken throughout the installation process. 602589453